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Over time, the exterior of your home needs some work to give your house a new look. While you can achieve this in many ways such as painting, trimming your overgrown trees and shrubs, nothing gives your residence a bright outlook than a new door especially if the current one is rusty, dented, warped or torn.

If you are searching for a garage door installer, TGS The Woodlands Garage Door TX can help you. Our technicians are not only skilled at their job, they also have extensive knowledge about some of the latest offerings in the market today.

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For instance, homeowners are preferring doors that are similar in look with the exterior of their home as compared to the original steel or fiberglass options. Having a door that blends in with your home makes your home more appealing.

We work closely with major manufacturers and suppliers and can get the door you need within a short time. If you require a style that they don’t already carry, they can custom make one for you as well. Once it is ready, we can fit it in your home in a short time.

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While our service is fast, we also pay close attention to the quality so that our customers can continue enjoying the product for a long time to come. If you are in need of garage door opener installation, our technicians will assist you as well.

We have many great types that we recommend to our customers and can find one that meets your needs. There are several types of openers which are characterized by their driving mechanism such as by chain, belt, screw-driven, jackshaft, direct-drive units.

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